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In the senior judo program, students concentrate on takedown techniques, known as "tachiwaza." This program is beginner friendly and assumes students have no prior experience in judo. Students will receive strength and conditioning training to attain appropriate basic physical ability for the practice of judo techniques. All of the techniques from the standard judo syllabus will be introduced, and mastery of each technique and judo terms and concepts will determine progression toward belt promotion. Most importantly, students will learn to safely fall to reduce concussion and injury. Basic mechanics will be learned through situational drills and games. 

Students goals for this program are:

  1. Develop and maintain basic athletic abilities, including strength, speed, and flexibility.

  2. Learn techniques for safely falling, called “ukemi.”

  3. Master fundamental judo skills, such as footwork, gripping techniques, and off-balancing opponents, laying the groundwork for advanced takedown techniques.

  4. Attain proficiency in executing standard judo takedown techniques effectively, and variations for competition-focused students.

  5. Define and pursue personal training objectives.

  6. Practice judo's moral principles, with an emphasis on courage, friendship and sincerity.

  7. Progress towards the next belt promotion, reflecting overall growth and dedication as a judo practitioner (known as a "judoka").

  8. Forge friendships, enjoy engaging experiences, and become an integral part of our community.

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