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Here, We Teach Judo Competition, Newaza/Ground Techniques, Women's Self Defense, and Kids' Anti-bullying

We are certified Instructors, Certified Coaches, Certified USA Safesport and Update Clean Backgound Checked yearly. We are sure to provide you a safesport training and the most quality lessons!

What is Judo?

      Judo is a "gentle way". It is an Olympic sport. To learn more about judo we suggest visiting the USA Judo or International Judo Federation websites, or just watch the video below:

Quick Judo guide.

We are affiliated with these organizations:

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 SJJA is proud to serve our community. It strives to provide a safe and friendly environment for individuals of all ages to practice and enjoy martial arts.

SJJA is a current member of the United States Judo Federation (USJF), Northern California Judo Association, Hokka Judo Yadanshakai, and USA Judo.


Innovative and modern teaching approaches:

Our programs are informed by modern teaching methods institutionalized by the International Judo Federation which emphasize fun and engaging exercises to teach basic physical skills and build up to the application of complex judo techniques under realistic situations. 


Our instructors are experienced and qualified:

At SJJA we pride ourselves in offering the best learning experience to our students. Our team of nationally certified black belt instructors is composed of current and former competitive athletes with no less than 10 years of teaching experience, each bringing expertise in both ground and standing grappling techniques. 


We offer a safe and positive training environment:

As required by USA Judo, the national governing body for judo, all of our instructors have cleared background checks, received concussion risk mitigation and response training,

as well as attained Safesport certification, a national training program mandated by USA Judo to protect all members of the community from physical, emotional and sexual harassment.


We value serving our community.

San Jose Judo Academy (SJJA) is located at the heart of San Jose’s diverse and multicultural community. As the only women owned judo academy we take pride in providing a safe, fun, and engaging environment to practice for recreational and competitive judo students. 


In addition to our co-ed programs, we provide women only classes, taught by women instructors in an accommodating facility, as well as beginner friendly co-ed classes for children and adults at various levels. 

We teach our students a unique blend of traditional Kodokan Judo, contemporary competitive Judo, dynamic Judo with traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu such as takendown, pins, ground control, armbars, chokes.

Why San Jose Judo Academy?

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