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Specialized Ground-Only (Ages 7 and up)

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Judo also includes an extensive ground techniques system known as "newaza," which includes choke holds, armbars, and mat control. While our takedown classes touch upon some ground techniques, we provide a dedicated ground-only training program. This specialized program caters to students seeking to hone their ground techniques exclusively or to master tactics for transitioning from takedowns to ground techniques or for students looking for a low impact and engaging workout.

Student goals for this program are:

  1. Learn techniques for safely falling, called “ukemi.”

  2. Develop and maintain basic athletic abilities, including strength, speed, and flexibility.

  3. Develop and maintain basic movement skills for ground work.

  4. Master basic and advanced mat control and positioning, chokes and armbars, as well as associated escapes.

  5. Master transitions from takedowns to ground techniques.

  6. Make friends and have fun.

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