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The SJJA competition team program operates on a selective basis. Under the guidance of Head Instructor My Nguyen, students aged 7 and above are chosen based on their demonstrated potential. Our instructors meticulously assess each student's performance profile to identify individual strengths and abilities, crafting tailored training plans accordingly. Collaborating closely with instructors, students will focus on refining a core set of techniques and strategic approaches tailored for tournament success. They will also be introduced to competition-specific variations of standard judo techniques, specialized gripping patterns, and effective combinations.


Members of the competition team have the privilege to represent SJJA at tournaments, benefiting from ongoing coaching support provided by SJJA instructors throughout all events. Participation in the competition program offers an accelerated pathway to black belt promotion. Sessions are conducted weekly over a six-month cycle, with students expected to maintain consistent attendance, missing no more than two classes.

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