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      In the toddlers program we incorporate fun and engaging activities to serve as a vehicle for movement education, such as balance, coordination, and fundamental judo skills, such as off-balancing of an opponent. We also introduce students to judo etiquette, such as bowing and showing respect and appreciation to other students and instructors.

Student goals for this program are:

  1. Introduction to judo's moral principles, with an emphasis on self-control, politeness, respect and friendship.

  2. Learn verbal and physical social interaction skills.

  3. Make friends and have fun.

  4. Learn techniques for safely falling, called “ukemi.”

  5. Develop and maintain basic athletic abilities, including strength, speed, and flexibility.

  6. Master fundamental judo skills, such as techniques for safely falling.

  7. Learn rudimentary mechanics for standing and ground techniques.

  8. Introduction to basic ground and takedown techniques.


To explore judo’s standard takedown techniques, we highly recommend viewing the following videos.

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